Life By Design

Vision – Knowing Where You’re Going…

At KarateBuilt Martial Arts we say: “Your Vision Determines Where You Go In Life!” The Dictionary says: Vision: “a picture of the future that is created in the imagination and motivates to action” Possessing vision means having the ability to create and effectively communicate a picture of the future that builds on a realistic understanding […]

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Soar on Own Wings

On independence for children…

“No Bird Soars Too High If He Soars With His Own Wings” – William Blake What a great quote… I see this quote as our job as karate / martial arts instructors at KarateBuilt Martial Arts to develop independence. It kind of sums up what we do as parents as well. That is, I need […]

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If You're Not Growing Your Dying

Confidence Building in the Summer – Part 3

Confidence Building in the Summer – Part 3 Everything we are talking about is about not wasting the summer… Take advantage of everything the KarateBuilt students are doing (or at least do something that gains you skill) during this critical time… CONFIDENCE is This Summer Topic! And if you don’t think you or your child […]

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Black Belt White Belt Who Never Quit

Summer Confidence Part 2

Confidence Building in the Summer – Part 2 So last time I discussed critical initial confidence building. That safety and feeling like you can handle yourself is the first part to building confidence and self-esteem (and therefore builds better grades… During the summer you need to work on preparation for the rest of the year […]

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