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Why Summer Gets Wasted…

“Time Lost Can’t Be Regained” – Anonymous

So this quote is a bit less fun than the last one I posted…

With summer coming up I notice everyone scrambling for what to do. For us adults – what vacations to take (and how to workout so we look good on the beach) and for parents of kids – how to keep them busy while they’re in school. Usually – because we’re all busy – this stuff gets planned late and we don’t get the full benefit from vacations or activities that we could. Some time (or money) gets wasted that could be spent better. Also, the disruption of the summer tends to create enough chaos that well, things “just happen” and when things “just happen”, we don’t get results.

 At least one thing should be valuable…

For our Karate students at KarateBuilt Martial Arts, the summer isn’t wasted because it’s part of a larger goal. Even if they take a vacation, they come back and work on the next goal they have all the way to Black Belt and beyond… Yes, we want you to take a vacation and enjoy the summer, however, during that time I would challenge you to have some VALUE added to the summer. If it’s not in Karate then in activites that ADD value – that give you new confidence, gain you better levels of fitness, strengthen your discpline (in a time which can easily rip all your discipline away).

Make the summer great…

Now is a critical time to decide what this summer is going to hold for you and your family. I hope you have a great vacation planned (I love to travel – I am going to Santa Barbara, CA this year with my son!) AND I hope you include things for yourself and your loved ones that will make you come out of the summer ready to tackle the next year with even more success!

To a great summer!





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