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How To Set REAL Goals And Have A Vision For Your Child…

10x-100x More Results! We know from research that 10 to 100 times more results / accomplishments and successes are achieved when goal setting is part of a person’s life.

So Why Doesn’t Everybody Do It?

The answers lie in two things:

  • You’ve set goals before but didn’t achieve them (so why do it again)… mostly because
  • No one taught you how to do it right!

At KarateBuilt Martial Arts, goal setting and creating a vision are built into what we do. It’s necessary to have this first – some incredible things to look forward to – before you can have the self-discipline to achieve what you want.

So Vision comes 1st before Goal Setting…


Vision: is defined as “a picture of the future that is created in the imagination and motivates to action” Possessing vision means having the ability to create and effectively communicate a picture of the future that builds on a realistic understanding of the present.
What this means is that a Vision is the overarching idea of what you want (or for parents what you want your child’s life) to look like in the long term.
This should have emotional content. That is, when you imagine your vision you should feel that you’d have a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction with that kind of life (or again, as a parent that you’ve created the right environment for your child).


  • Creates a shared and meaningful purpose
  • Inspires Passion and Interest
  • Guides Decision Making and Strategy
  • Conveys Values
  • Is Aligned with Overall Values and Goals.


Level 1: Personal Vision – Developing a vision of what you want your life to be like is a Personal Vision. It doesn’t depend on others or the world, only what you want to be.
Level 2: Goals – This level of vision is where you take your personal vision and turn it into short, medium and long term goals. We develop our personal vision first and make sure the goals are consistent with it.
Level 3: Community Vision – Leaders have a vision that relates to making the world a better place. You could find examples of negative leaders but they eventually fail. A true leader has a vision that, is intended to improve not just themselves, but the world around them.
Level 4: Leadership Vision – A Leader has a clear vision of him or herself, and can communicate that to their group.

Through KarateBuilt Martial Arts training, we develop these skills. While you may have a Vision at a certain level, our leaders goals are to motivate the people he or she is trying to lead to understand the vision they are trying to share.

So How Do I Create a Vision?

THAT’S WHERE WE COME IN…At KarateBuilt, during your first few weeks we create this vision (or for parents, your vision for your child) based on your past / present and your future with the instructor’s help. This is NOT just for martial arts but for all areas of your life. You’re going to love this process.

Some parents say “I want my child to create their own vision or set their own goals!” We completely support encouraging your child to strive for what they dream for – it’s fantastic! What our job as parent is, however, is also to create a challenging framework (vision) for our kids to reach towards. All successful kids had this whether their parents created this for them or not – but the kids whose parents who create this vision for them have better outcomes. We’ll work together to help!

Then comes Goal Setting…

Goals: Goals are “the specific things you are going to accomplish to reach your vision”. We recommend taking one of our goal setting workshops (we have these for kids, parents – and adults, organizations and corporations, etc.) but we’ll go over the steps here.

  • Step 1 Brainstorm: Set aside at least 30 minutes to 60 minutes and write goals. Now for parents, it’s important to note, you’re writing goals for your child. It’s OK for them to be there and give input but both parents (and any caregivers, guardians or other important adults in the child’s life) are the ones to set these goals. The child is… a child… and their goals truthfully would be to have fun and focus on short term items. These should focus on goals within 1 year and extend to 10+ years and everything in between.
    Warning: You’ll get tired and want to give give up early, but the goals you come up with after 15 minutes or more are often the most important ones!
  • Step 2 Evaluate: Mark the goals with labels: 1 for 1 year goals, 3 for 1-3 year goals, 5 for 3-5 year goals and 10 for goals that’ll take more than 5 years.
    Count how many 1, 3, 5 and 10’s you have. For example if you have 40 goals for your child, you may have 10 1 year, 10 3 year, 10 5 year and 10 10 year goals. That’s a balanced plan with equal short, medium and long term goals. If you have less in one area – say you only had 3 5 year goals then you need to add some more 5 year goals.
  • Step 3 Don’t Plan! The WHY: For EACH goal, write the “WHY”. Why do you want each of these goals for your child? Are some of these more important than others? Have a compelling reason for you to help your child achieve each of these.
    You see, the plan doesn’t matter that much. There are thousands of weight loss programs on the market. They all work to one degree or another – they’ll only work if you really have a BIG “WHY”. A BIG reason to lose weight or get in shape.

Recommendations For ALL Children…

Whether you’re a student or not, talk to an instructor about doing a Progress Check and a vision and goal setting session. They are experts at connecting what we do in the school to how this impacts the rest of our students’ and families’ lives.






Ch. Master Greg Moody, Ph.D.

P.S. A funny example of the student’s goals was to have a Halloween costume that looked like Herman Munster from the TV show “the Munsters” – that was IT – his only goal… so parents, that’s a good reason for you take charge of your kids’ goals :). I doubt Herman did this for his kid :) and KarateBuilt Martial Arts have been selected the nation’s #1 martial arts schools for EIGHT YEARS IN A ROW!

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