If You're Not Growing Your Dying

Confidence Building in the Summer – Part 3

Confidence Building in the Summer – Part 3 Everything we are talking about is about not wasting the summer… Take advantage of everything the KarateBuilt students are doing (or at least do something that gains you skill) during this critical time… CONFIDENCE is This Summer Topic! And if you don’t think you or your child […]

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Black Belt White Belt Who Never Quit

Summer Confidence Part 2

Confidence Building in the Summer – Part 2 So last time I discussed critical initial confidence building. That safety and feeling like you can handle yourself is the first part to building confidence and self-esteem (and therefore builds better grades… During the summer you need to work on preparation for the rest of the year […]

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Confidence Thermometer

Summer Confidence Part 1

Confidence Building in the Summer – Part 1 I wanted to explain some of the particulars of how KarateBuilt Martial Arts builds confidence, which builds self-esteem which builds better grades (see the BUILDS at KarateBUILT theme?)… Self-confidence starts with safety… so as I mentioned in earlier posts, Self-Confidence gained by gaining the skills to defend […]

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Time Lost Can't Be Regained

Why Summer Gets Wasted…

“Time Lost Can’t Be Regained” – Anonymous So this quote is a bit less fun than the last one I posted… With summer coming up I notice everyone scrambling for what to do. For us adults – what vacations to take (and how to workout so we look good on the beach) and for parents of […]

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