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More on Respect… Part 2!

I wanted to share a little more about Respect…

We already talked about the first level of respect – within yourself… now it’s important to consider… (and this DOES relate to martial arts and Karate at KarateBuilt!)

Respect for Family and Friends…

Respect for others is not just treating them nice, but also allowing them to have ideas different from your own. Others HEAR this because they will know you are not judging them as a person because of what they do.

I am sure you have noticed some people try to demand respect. It could be a boss or a leader, yet that same person may not either 1) be an example of good morals or behavior, or 2) not treating others the way they should be treated.

Firstly the example issue – not being someone of high morals or good character. If someone is telling you to exercise and they don’t – you won’t respect them… if someone tells you to work hard but they show up late… you won’t respect them… but the real secret to being an example and BEING respected is…

…to do MORE THAN other people are willing to do…

That’s when people will respect you. That’s when you are a real “example” of someone who should be taken notice of because you are unique. You are not doing just the minimum. That’s what we expect of Black Belts.

Second, treating others the way they should be treated… notice that’s a little bit different from the standard way people say this. Usually, the way you hear it is treating others the way you want to be treated. We reject that definition because I don’t want our Black Belts to only treat others at the minimum level they want to be treated – we want them to treat others BETTER than they want to be treated – at a higher standard. Again for us:

Respect: Treating Others The Way They SHOULD Be Treated!


“Respect! To GET it, You must GIVE it!





On day one you learn how you show respect to the instructors and staff but more importantly to the people around you (for kids – that means parents and teachers). This is in the first 10 minutes of stepping in our school at KarateBuilt Martial Arts …






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