Time Lost Can't Be Regained

Why Summer Gets Wasted…

“Time Lost Can’t Be Regained” – Anonymous So this quote is a bit less fun than the last one I posted… With summer coming up I notice everyone scrambling for what to do. For us adults – what vacations to take (and how to workout so we look good on the beach) and for parents of […]

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Dalai Lama on Vision

Vision Statement…

I get asked a lot… “What’s the next step to develop a Personal Vision?” Developing a Personal Vision …most of the time people stress out about this too much. It isn’t something that needs to be fixed forever – don’t let developing the “perfect” vision prevent you from starting. Remember: “Perfection Limits Progress!” Just start! […]

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Seek Respect

Respect… Part 3!

I wanted to share a little more about Respect… We already talked about the first 2 parts of respect – within yourself and with your family… now it’s important to consider… Respect for The World… Respect for the world in this context is not promoting an environmental agenda (though I have nothing against this) it’s […]

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Learning to Pay Attention!

Black Belt Story…

Another Black Belt Story! From Mr. Oswaldo Gayoso… I like karate very much.  Karate is fun.  I learned how to kick. I learned how to punch. I learned how to pay attention. I know this one was short and sweet but it was great! Imagine a 6 year old understanding the concept of learning how to […]

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