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Karate is a life changing experience…

Another unedited Black Belt Story! From Mr. Matthew Majkowski

Taekwondo has meant a lot to me.  It is a life changing experience is changes you in means of discipline, respect, self-esteem, and honesty.  When I first joined taekwondo I thought I would just go in learn how to defend myself and have some fun.  But when I was invited to join master club and leadership taekwondo changed.  I started to learn more respect, discipline, self-esteem, and honesty.

When I am in school, the mall, or any other place when I need to get someone’s attention I used to say “Hey!” or “Over here!”  Now I say “Excuse me” or “Sir or Ma’am”.  Also in class at school I talk less and listen more because of the respect I have learned and now I am getting even better grades that I already had!  If someone asks me to do something mean or rude before taekwondo I might have done it but now I just walk away or say “No!”  Taekwondo has greatly changed my life because now I can get into a good college and have a successful life.

Self-esteem and honesty have greatly improved my life.  When people now try to talk down on me it doesn’t affect me much anymore.  Usually I would get really mad and talk back to them but now I don’t care what they say.  Also honesty has affected me if I did something wrong I usually wouldn’t tell and I would let somebody find out themselves and then I would confess but now I go directly to them and tell them the truth.  Taekwondo has increased my friendship with all of my friends.

As you can tell taekwondo has greatly changed my life in all the areas and now I will be successful in school, my future job, and everything else.  Also I won’t lose trust in my friends if I do something wrong!

Thanks for a Great Black Belt Story Mr. Majkowski!!





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