Sad bullied boy leaning on a wall

Karate and Bullying Prevention!

Karate is the number one thing you can do for bullying prevention! This is the introduction for my upcoming book on bullying! I thought I would share it early for everyone! I hope you enjoy it! Bullying is the most common danger affecting children today – 1 in 3 kids are affected by bullying at […]

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Alden Moody - started Martial Arts at 3 with a Severe diagnosis of autism

Martial Arts and Kids with Autism… The Perfect Activity!

Martial Arts At KarateBuilt Martial  Arts is Perfect for Kids With Autism or Any Special Need! Autism is defined as: a developmental disorder of variable severity that is characterized by difficulty in social interaction and communication and by restricted or repetitive patterns of thought and behavior. At KarateBuilt Martial Arts the instructors are trained to […]

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Family Karate Photo

KarateBuilt Proof…

It’s been a few months after summer… I hope you had an incredible summer! Now that it’s getting cooler (ok well at least it’s getting nearer the time when it will eventually get cooler) you need to start planning for the fall… Actually I guess it’s officially fall, but it doesn’t feel like it… You […]

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Safety First

KarateBuilt Martial Arts Instructors…

We had just finished one of our 4 hour instructor trainings “Instructor Boot Camp” and incredibly… The instructors stayed late asking me questions about: Improving their skills with pre-school kids… Working on fitness requirements for themselves… Their next steps in the rigorous certification process… and more! I appreciated all that but GEEZ… Even I was […]

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