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The PURPOSE of Training…

We speak a lot about the next goals – training to be a Black Belt… … or what your next midterm or color belt is going to be but every so often it’s crucial that we take a minute and think about the real purpose. It’s NOT the belt… For every student we, at one point (and […]

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Back to Class Safety Guide

Back To KarateBuilt Safety Guide!

Here is our guide to coming back to our school safely… First of all, I am so excited we can offer you in-person classes AND I want to make sure you have all the right information!! Your safety is the TOP Priority. That’s why we are making sure we EXCEED the exceed CDC, White House and […]

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Family Karate Photo

KarateBuilt Proof…

It’s been a few months after summer… I hope you had an incredible summer! Now that it’s getting cooler (ok well at least it’s getting nearer the time when it will eventually get cooler) you need to start planning for the fall… Actually I guess it’s officially fall, but it doesn’t feel like it… You […]

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