Eric Thomas Blindfolded Jump Break Boards

On Ch. Master Nominee Eric Thomas…

I wanted to wait until after the holidays (and election) and also until after his super-amazing daughter tested for her 1st degree Black Belt to write this so… delayed… A note on our top instructor Chief Master Nominee (CMN) Eric Thomas… He’s recently been awarded the rank of 8th Degree Black Belt… CMN Thomas has […]

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Sarah Thomas first female ref in super bowl

Karate is for girls too – here’s a NON-Karate story…

I love this story (for all the Girls in Martial Arts) so I wanted to share it… Sarah Thomas – the first Female Super Bowl Ref… Here is the opening paragraph: The lyrics are soaring and defiant: “And I’ll rise up. I’ll rise like the day! I’ll rise up. I’ll rise unafraid!” Andra Day’s Grammy-nominated […]

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Respect Success Training Part 2

Life Success With Dr. Greg Moody – Respect Part II

PART 2! Respect benefits YOU… Respect Part 2 is about the REAL benefits YOU get by following the Martial Arts definition of respect: “Treating others the way they SHOULD be treated!”. This is not the traditional “Golden Rule”. Ch. Master Moody will change your point of view about traditional definitions of respect and how […]

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