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Susan D.

It was not easy to find activities for my son with autism to get involved with, which was frustrating. A friend of mine recommended introducing martial arts. I was hesitant but looked into it and found that Martial Arts is great for physical and mental development. I signed my son up for Karate and found that the trained staff is great with teaching the lessons to kids with special needs. Now, 6 months later my son loves going to karate class and has improved his motor skills confidence. I’m so glad my martial arts worked for my son!

Beth Grula

My whole family has grown and strengthened through our practice of Taekwondo. I use the life skills all the time with my kids. They are a great reminder of our family’s own values!”  

This program is excellent for kids to build self-esteem, confidence and discipline.

Esther Hunter

I have enjoyed training with my children & watching their growth!

Ms. Pate-Lamb

My son started Karate at age 5. He is now a Black Belt at age 7. He was recently diagnosed with a developmental coordination disorder that affects his gross and fine motor skills. His medical provider attributed his Karate training as contributing to his ability to compensate and has been therapeutic!

Madison Choi

I started this program at the young age of 5 maybe 6 and I love it. I learned many important skills such as how to help someone who is being bullied, how to stay calm when being bullied, what to do during a school shooting, and many more important skills. I miss doing it since I moved to Kauai. It was a lot of fun and I totally recommend it to parents and kids. It helped a lot when I was having a rough day and needed to get the anger out. The staff was so kind and they also provided private lessons if you needed them.

Jeffery Tang

KarateBuilt has been an inspiring and fulfilling experience for my son, and the emphasis on developing positive life skills has fostered confidence & self-esteem.

Leadership has brought many new experiences for our son Hudson Buzby. His self-esteem, discipline and other life skills have really come full circle. He has travelled to many parts of the country and made a lot of new friends at the tournaments!

Tammy Chavet

My daughter was shy since birth. She rarely spoke in front of people she didn’t know extremely well. She started at age 3. Within a short period of time she became more confident and spoke in a more audible voice. By age 4, she was enrolled in the leadership program and was leading small groups that included children up to three times older. Now at the age of 6 she is preparing to test for her Black Belt. The program helped her become a leader at school and church.  

Deb & Steve Prokopek

Our son Blake was quiet and insecure when he began Karate at the KarateBuilt Martial Arts in Cave Creek. He was so shy in school he could not bring himself to participate in his class Thanksgiving performance. Today Blake stood in front of his entire class and gave an oral report. He made eye contact with his peers and spoke loud and clear. We believe the skills he has learned in the leadership program have given him the confidence to succeed not only in school but in life

Maria Nicole Egidi

Through Master Moody’s Leadership Program we have seen our son progress from a pensive teenager to a mature gentleman who excels not only at Taekwondo but academically and socially as well. We have come to expect excellence from Matthew - because he expects it from himself.

Jodi Clark

Getting your child involved in the KarateBuilt Martial Arts program is very helpful for many reasons. If your child is outgoing, the program will allow them to learn when to be active and when to stop and listen. If your child is easily distracted, the program will help them with focus. I have seen all of the kids grow and become confident in all areas due to the involvement in the Tiny Tiger program. If you allow your child to become involved earlier, it is proven your results will be greater. I recommend KarateBuilt Martial Arts to all parents for their children.