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Deb & Steve Prokopek

Our son Blake was quiet and insecure when he began Karate at the KarateBuilt Martial Arts in Cave Creek. He was so shy in school he could not bring himself to participate in his class Thanksgiving performance. Today Blake stood in front of his entire class and gave an oral report. He made eye contact with his peers and spoke loud and clear. We believe the skills he has learned in the leadership program have given him the confidence to succeed not only in school but in life

Debra Benton

The Leadership Class has taught Scott to be a role model to young kids as well as his peers. He has matured and is more self-disciplined in school at home and in Taekwondo. He has learned that hard work really pays off.

LauraLee Gaudio

The values  we stress at home are reinforced at Karate. Karate has helped Danielle appreciate that hard work yields excellent results. Danielle has a deeper understanding of self-control, honor, dignity and self-discipline. She has great self-confidence, knowing she can accomplish anything she sets her sights on!Jahng Bong or Long Staff Great Kick Student Respect

Mark G.

After working my desk job for eighteen years, I managed to put on some extra pounds. A friend of mine suggested that I start taking martial arts instead of hitting the gym 6 days a week. I gave it a shot and a year and a half later I feel healthier and I am just five pounds away from my goal of losing 40 pounds! Big thanks to all the encouragement along the way from everyone in my classes! Martial arts are not just for kids and teens, adults can get started too!

Maria Nicole Egidi

Through Master Moody’s Leadership Program we have seen our son progress from a pensive teenager to a mature gentleman who excels not only at Taekwondo but academically and socially as well. We have come to expect excellence from Matthew - because he expects it from himself.

Brooke Shane

My 6 y/o daughter has been in Karate with Master Sanborn for a couple months now . We came in with another family as well that's her friend and has a 4 y/o boy . She is an orange belt and and gets excited every week( if she did something good which lately is more often then not)and she gets a new star on her belt. She just counted 25 stars and got a silver shiny patch. Her confidence is building a lot and I can tell the difference in her behavior. We still have a lot of things to work out but I figure once we get to Black Belt she'll be thanking me. But the whole staff here is great and made my shy girl into a Karate machine! We love it!

Ivonne M.

What price can one put on their child's safety and well being? It has been wonderful to watch as our daughter is instructed in the manner of how to identify a stranger; more importantly what to do should one try to put hands on or harm our child. Through the training at KarateBuilt™ Martial Arts Academy, our daughter has grown wiser and stronger. She's receiving the life skills that we want her to have. KarateBuilt™ Martial Arts Academy is reinforcing what she is learning at home in regards to discipline and respect, and amplifying in areas that they specialize in with the martial arts.

Tim E.

I was very impressed with the Instructors at KarateBuilt™ Martial Arts Academy ability to reach the kids and keep them wanting to come back. My son loves the active pace and the dojo. Although he may not realize it he is also learning skills that he can use to his advantage to avoid bullying or aggressive confrontation.

Caroline S.

A couple of my daughters’ friends started taking Martial Arts lessons and my daughter wanted to join them. After doing some research, I decided to get her enrolled. She now has convinced me to take lessons for myself too! She takes Karate lessons and I take Self Defense lessons. Not only is this a great bonding tool but it is also a great way to stay in shape for me!

Lisa Frace

Martial Arts has provided an environment in which both my children and I can succeed. The values that are stressed are those that we try to teach our children. Personally, it has provided an opportunity for physical challenge and a community that is encouraging. And as the child of a mother with special needs, it has provided a way for our son to be successful in a caring and supportive environment. I couldn't recommend it more highly!

Glenda Sykes

This has been an awesome family experience, bringing us closer together.

Lorna H.

I was looking for a place to take kickboxing classes and found the perfect place at KarateBuilt™ Martial Arts Academy! It is not a gym so people are not filtering in and out weekly. It’s a kickboxing class with a curriculum to certify you being at a higher skill level. Since joining KarateBuilt™ Martial Arts Academy I feel more in shape than I have in years! The friendly staff is encouraging and very knowledgeable too.