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Paula Ratliff

Zach has learned greater respect for others since starting Karate. We have seen a tremendous improvement in his self-confidence. We feel the life skills he is learning will help him greatly in dealing with the stress of growing up facing him in the future.

Lorna H.

I was looking for a place to take kickboxing classes and found the perfect place at KarateBuilt™ Martial Arts Academy! It is not a gym so people are not filtering in and out weekly. It’s a kickboxing class with a curriculum to certify you being at a higher skill level. Since joining KarateBuilt™ Martial Arts Academy I feel more in shape than I have in years! The friendly staff is encouraging and very knowledgeable too.

Ryan was spending at least 6-7 hours a day on the computer, but since starting Karate 2 months ago, he has spent a lot less time on the computer, more time outside – he’s a much happier boy! Thanks Guys!

Maria Nicole Egidi

Through Master Moody’s Leadership Program we have seen our son progress from a pensive teenager to a mature gentleman who excels not only at Taekwondo but academically and socially as well. We have come to expect excellence from Matthew - because he expects it from himself.

Cindi and Clark Mitchell

Our children have been involved with KarateBuilt Martial Arts for several years now. Their martial arts experiences have influenced every area of their lives from academic achievement to social skills, physical fitness and self-esteem. We consider it a privilege to be part of the family.  

Tucker G.

Huge thanks to the challenging staff of KarateBuilt™ Martial Arts Academy, with their help, I no longer get bullied and tormented at school anymore. Now I have more control over the world around me, it was a life changing decision for me when I decided to sign up for Karate. Respect is important to me, martial arts definitely helps teach it. Thanks, guys.

Tim E.

I was very impressed with the Instructors at KarateBuilt™ Martial Arts Academy ability to reach the kids and keep them wanting to come back. My son loves the active pace and the dojo. Although he may not realize it he is also learning skills that he can use to his advantage to avoid bullying or aggressive confrontation.

Leadership has brought many new experiences for our son Hudson Buzby. His self-esteem, discipline and other life skills have really come full circle. He has travelled to many parts of the country and made a lot of new friends at the tournaments!

Lisa Frace

Martial Arts has provided an environment in which both my children and I can succeed. The values that are stressed are those that we try to teach our children. Personally, it has provided an opportunity for physical challenge and a community that is encouraging. And as the child of a mother with special needs, it has provided a way for our son to be successful in a caring and supportive environment. I couldn't recommend it more highly!

Susan D.

It was not easy to find activities for my son with autism to get involved with, which was frustrating. A friend of mine recommended introducing martial arts. I was hesitant but looked into it and found that Martial Arts is great for physical and mental development. I signed my son up for Karate and found that the trained staff is great with teaching the lessons to kids with special needs. Now, 6 months later my son loves going to karate class and has improved his motor skills confidence. I’m so glad my martial arts worked for my son!

Lawrence Chrysty

As a 54 year old, I think the training has been a big health benefit. I also think the connection I have with other people is a great benefit a – to refer someone to Karate is a great feeling – knowing that they’re going to get the same benefits I have gotten!

Debra Benton

The Leadership Class has taught Scott to be a role model to young kids as well as his peers. He has matured and is more self-disciplined in school at home and in Taekwondo. He has learned that hard work really pays off.