Life Success With Dr. Greg Moody – Self-Esteem Part 2


Part 2! Self-Esteem is a foundation of so much of our life. High self-esteem relates to school success (relates directly to grades)... better relationships to people at work as adults... and much better marriages! Unfortunately the myths and incorrect views on self esteem are hurting self-esteem and confidence in all walks of life. When depression and other mental health issues are an epidemic in the country (26.2 % of the population can be diagnosed with a mental disorder) we know it's important. There are, however ways to build self-esteem that parents, educators, professionals and employers need to know. In the "Life Success With Dr. Greg Moody – Self-Esteem Part 2" Podcast, Dr. Greg Moody, Master Instructor will cover the difference between self esteem and happiness (too often these are conflated), the critical internal structure of self-esteem, myths and truths of confidence and finally how to build long term, solid self-esteem in children and adults.

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