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…learning how to push myself! Go PAST my limits!

Another Black Belt essay! This time from Mr. Martrael Ray Ricketts… as he explains what Karate has meant to him

What Taekwondo has meant to me is learning how to push myself when I am exercising and to be honest about it.  The other things Taekwondo has meant to me is what it’s taught me, ways of figuring how to become physically fit.  Being fit has boosted my self-confidence in my weight and has made me feel good about myself.  Taekwondo is a great way to meet people with the same interests like wanting to become a black belt or losing weight or learning how to protect themselves from dangerous people.  Most of all Taekwondo teaches the most important life goals which are Discipline, Honesty, self-control and self-esteem.  Those are the goals I use in my everyday life and in class.

What I mean by push myself is to go past my limits.  When I exercise and I am really tired and in pain I turn that into adrenaline.  When I turn it into adrenaline that makes me go faster.  The other thing is being physically fit.  When you’re physically fit you’re able to exercise without getting tired when you start.  When you’re physically fit you don’t always eat junk food.  Instead you eat healthy food.  The last thing when you’re physically fit you’re going have to be confident your weight and stick to exercise.

The next thing Taekwondo helps you with is being able to meet new people.  When you meet new people with the same interest you’re able to be comfortable to work together.  If you see someone from Taekwondo and you forgot about the requirements for class you can ask them and they might know the information you need.

The last thing Taekwondo helps with is your life goal.  If someone wants to lose weight they can come to class and do X-fit or you can do the exercise at home.  That is how Taekwondo can help with your life goal.

That is what Taekwondo has meant to me.

Thanks for a Great Essay Mr. Ricketts!!

Keep going PAST your limits!!






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