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KarateBuilt Podcast Transcript – Bullying Prevention Part 1-C

Transcript of Bullying Prevention Part 1-Section C…

Myths Truths and What to do!

At KarateBuilt Martial Arts, Sr. Master Sanborn and I are constantly working towards building programs for children’s safety. Here is a written portion of the transcript of their discussion on bullying…






Ch. Master Greg Moody, Ph.D.

The Podcast:

Dr. Greg Moody (17:25):
You couldn’t do prior to internet related or cyber bullying type type of bullying things. So you wouldn’t have any risk of getting found out you wouldn’t have any punitive ramifications because of the cyber bullying or it’d be pretty hard to find out. The best story I heard about this was I was teaching this a seminar on bullying back in it must have been 2010. So it was quite a while ago and a kid was attending the seminar. It was for adults, but they, there was a kid attending the seminar and he just happened to be there with his parents cuz they didn’t have daycare for him. And he was 13. And he said that he, he got in big trouble at school and even with his parents because his phone was clone. Now I, my background is I have an engineering degree and for my undergraduate degree and I wouldn’t know how to clone somebody’s phone.
Dr. Greg Moody (18:29):
I still don’t know how to clone somebody’s phone today. I suppose I could figure it out or somebody on this this video could figure out how to clone somebody’s phone if they tried hard enough, but this kid had somebody to school clone his phone and then they started texting mean messages to other people from his phone number. Well, nobody believed him of course, because they came from his phone number. So they assumed that it was him that was texting out all these mean and evil messages and, and and things from, from him. So it took him quite a while to get it, to prove that it was somebody else. So you know, that’s kind of an example of cyber bullying that I like to use as how things can happen. It’s pretty bad. So these are different kinds of bullying direct bullying and indirect bullying. The direct bullying is one that you think you can, you can resolve really well. But now let’s talk about where bullying happens. Anything to add there, Mr. Sanborn You’re on mute. So you can’t
Sr. Master Laura Sanborn (19:32):
No, sir. The cyber bullying was the one I was con I was actually concerned because that’s the one I hear about the most in terms of the older kids.
Dr. Greg Moody (19:42):
Yeah, I think cyber bullying’s the one that we hear about the most. Now the other ones happen the most, but people are tuned into the cyber bullying lot. The, the other ones are still happening just as much. It’s the, the cyber bullying’s getting layered on top. So parents are tuned into that very much. So we’ll do this next one that we’ll wrap up for our, for our section today. The thing that you with direct bullying, I think that doesn’t get identified is, well, I don’t see a lot of hitting sometimes, or you may think, well, I don’t, I don’t really see this happening very much. My kids aren’t really doing that. There’s not a lot of bullying going on. There’s not hitting or taunting or Upsy gestures or those kind of things. Well, let’s think about where bullying happens in all of our studies for bullying, where, where you might be surprised where bullying happens. The number one place that bullying happens is in the classroom. And it’s with the teacher present.
Dr. Greg Moody (20:58):
Now, when I write this, I don’t want you to go be upset at teachers. This is not really their fault. They’re not getting training, like what you’re getting today. They’re not typically getting a lot of information on when bullying’s happening and when it’s not. And it all often looks like conflict. So it’ll very much look like some kid just argued with another kid or some kid just taunting another kid, or it was, it looks just like conflict. They’re not identifying the imbalance of power or some of these other things that are happening. But when we do surveys and I’ve done these in, in schools and done workshops with them, they’re very surprised that the number one place is typically in the classroom with the teacher present. The second isn’t the classroom without the teacher present, which doesn’t happen very much. So the numbers are real small, cuz the teacher’s pretty much always present. Typically that is with the, like the TA or somebody else, cuz there’s always somebody there a hallways or stairways playground, not surprising there. When it’s the playground or athletic fields, When it’s the playground or athletic fields, the thing about this is typically, this is where there’s no teacher supervision. Now teachers are out on the playground, don’t get me wrong, but there’s always gonna be a dead spot where the teacher can’t see behind a tree or back around a corner or somewhere where there’s not as much visibility. That’s typically where bullying will happen. Cafeteria
Dr. Greg Moody (22:38):
And every school’s different. When we do a workshop with the school, we’ll do a survey and then we’ll figure out where the hotspots are for, for bullying restrooms. I mean there’s no teacher supervision in there and no camera, no cameras gym Or locker rooms. And then often at the bus
Dr. Greg Moody (23:05):
At the bus stop. Okay. This is probably a good place to stop today. As we talk about this, these are places where bullying happens and it’s often where there’s not as much teacher. Now this top one, it, there is teacher supervision, but this remember is where the kids are spending most of their time. So it’s normal. That that would be where most quantity of bullying happens. It may not be where the highest percentage of bullying happens. So again, don’t blame the teachers for this. It’s just good to understand that bullying does happen inside the classroom with the teacher presence. So when we do workshops with the teacher, it’s important for them to understand. And it’s a big revelation when they understand that imbalance of power difference that that’s when bullying’s happen. And then when we talk about what interventions to do and how a school with a full with a full program with bullying prevention can understand how to make a big difference in this.
Dr. Greg Moody (24:02):
It’ll make a huge difference in their identification ability and then what interventions they take with bullying. But that’s what our, that’s what our goal is for the next, the next part of our bullying prevention podcast here we’re doing right now and our video that we’re gonna help you with on the next next stage. So thanks a lot for being here for part one. Now, you know, a little bit about bullying and the difference between bullying and conflict about what types of bullying happen and were bullying where are the bullying’s happening? Okay. Anything else to add Mr. Sanborn for wrap up today? No, sir. No, sir. All right, well thank, thank you very much, everybody. We appreciate your attention today and I look forward to seeing you next time. Thank you.

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