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KarateBuilt Podcast Transcript – Bullying Prevention Part 1-B

Transcript of Bullying Prevention Part 1-Section B…

Myths Truths and What to do!

At KarateBuilt Martial Arts, Sr. Master Sanborn and I are constantly working towards building programs for children’s safety. Here is a written portion of the transcript of their discussion on bullying…






Ch. Master Greg Moody, Ph.D.

The Podcast:

Sr. Master Laura Sanborn (09:13):
Intended to hurt includes just verbal intended to hurt it doesn’t necessarily. Yeah,
Dr. Greg Moody (09:18):
That’s a good point. Yeah. That’s a good point. Intended to hurt. Doesn’t have to be physically hurt. It could be. In fact often it’s not, it could be socially hurt, meaning that you lose your status socially. So now you don’t have as many friends, it could be intended to hurt academically. It could be intended to hurt in your work environment. It could be intended to hurt in your emotionally and mentally. So there’s lots of ways you can tend, you could hurt somebody by bullying them financially you could hurt them. So there’s a lot of ways that you could hurt them. And again, we’re trying to kind of go the whole gamut, both kids and adults. When we talk about bullying, cuz it happens in all spectrums of life
Sr. Master Laura Sanborn (10:00):
And then imbalance of power could include things like one kid is the head of a clique. So has more people behind him as power versus the kid. Who’s more ostracized and doesn’t have any kind of backup.
Dr. Greg Moody (10:16):
No, that’s a very good point. It doesn’t have to be bigger, stronger. It could be more socially powerful. So yeah, they have more friends, they have a bigger group. The, the we’ve seen lots of videos of kids that were smaller than the other kid that were bullying the kid, the larger kid, but they had a, a bigger social group. They had more, they were more extroverted. They had more they had more social they had more social power in the group that they were in. They were just better at they were better at at fighting the, in a, they were better at fighting in arguing or they were better at they were just better at at hurting other people.
Sr. Master Laura Sanborn (10:58):
Yeah. Okay.
Dr. Greg Moody (11:01):
Awesome. So well awesome. And, and we understand it. So there’s a good difference between conflict and bullying. So understanding the difference will help you understand the rules now, conflict we’re gonna cover at a different, different workshop. Bullying will cover right now and the different kinds of bullying and some other things that are, that are gonna come up. So, so now let’s talk about the kinds of bullying and, and what, what we might, we might see now, one thing to understand in terms of bullying and kinds of bullying and what, how much it happens. I think this is, this is important to understand is 29 point 9%. So about essentially 30% of kids are involved in bullying. Now we’ll get a little bit into kids. Specifically. The adult is a little skewed, 16.9% are getting bullied And 19.3% bully others. Now how we define bullying is important to know some people like try to get caught up in arguing about this. This means two to three times per month or more two to three times per month or more
Dr. Greg Moody (12:28):
So they might be getting bullied every week. But the minimum for us to count them getting bullied would be two to three times a month or more. And by getting bullied that this is self reported by the kids. So this isn’t teachers don’t recognize bullying that frequently because it’s mixed in with conflict. And they’re often not taught the difference between conflict and bullying prevention. Like you guys just were. So this is relatively severe bullying for it to be counted as bullying in these statistics, it’s happening more than this. So if they’re only getting bullied once a month, that wouldn’t be counted in this statistic, that’s important to know that’s pretty sobering statistic. If you look at it this way All right. It more bullying’s happening in younger kids, by the way, that’s usually a myth that people think is that, that this, this data was third graders. Okay. So let’s talk about kinds of bullying let’s to, to summarize this direct bullying. So you can separate this out and this is gonna be hitting, kicking, shoving. Think about this as hitting. So this is physical content in, in some ways spitting, that’s a type of bullying that, that kids will engage in. It also could be taunting
Dr. Greg Moody (13:57):
Name calling degrading comments and that kind of thing. And it also could be threatening Obscene gestures. Th these are pretty specific and you could identify them very very easily. So direct bullying is something you can identify it’s gonna be physical. It could be verbal, and it could be threatening in a way that would be you know, with, with body movements. So think about physical verbal body movements, indirect bullying Would be getting other people to do stuff. So getting somebody to assault, somebody, Getting somebody else to do your dirty work. So, Hey, go over there and push that guy, getting somebody else to do your dirty work, spreading rumors.
Dr. Greg Moody (15:08):
So telling other people that they heard, you were such something that they, you know, back when hopefully things are better in, in, in today’s day and age, but, you know, in the eighties, if you were thought of as as gay, then that was, you know, really horrible to be thought of in high school and you were gonna get abused and taunted. So telling somebody else they, that, that you were gay was gonna be a terrible thing. And so people would get spread rumors about your sexual orientation. Something like that, even today, that’s not, you know, people can, can be well, people spread rumors about somebody dating somebody else in high school. That’s high school in elementary school, these kind of things happen spreading rumors about somebody did something or somebody’s parents are you know, did something bad or did something good rumors can be really really painful. Social isolation, Just not letting people sit with you. That’s pretty classic in movies, right? Nobody lets you sit at their table, but this happens all the time. Another one that happens really frequently now that’s pretty feels very evil to me is cyberbullying.
Dr. Greg Moody (16:30):
And we could probably do a whole workshop just on cyberbullying in a study of I think it was 30. I’m gonna look at my notes here. 37 hundred kids from six to eighth grade. So El this happens in a little bit older kids, but it’s starting to get younger in, in middle school. 25% of girls and 11% of boys had been bullied, cyber bullied at least once. So that’s pretty high. It’s not, it seems like this number is getting higher. The problem with cyber bullying is, and I apologize about my handwriting there. Cyber bullying is that it’s it can be very anonymous. You can set up a, an accountant and it doesn’t have to have your own name on it. And so you could you could cyber bully other people and you can be anonymous and you can you could do stuff that you couldn’t normally do.

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