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Help Your Child Achieve True Happiness Pt. 4

Help Your Child Achieve True Happiness pt. 4

Keeping your children happy requires a lot of effort, but also the
ability to let your children develop from a full range of experiences.

Parents magazine sites many areas where parents and instructors can secure
lifetime happiness for their children:

10. Encourage risk taking. 
All kids have some level of anxiety about trying new things, going new places,
meeting new people. Help your children overcome this resistance so they can
explore the world freely and experience the exhilaration of sensible risk-taking.

11. Teach them to weather adversity. 
According to Sylvia Rimm, PhD, a clinical professor of Psychology at Case Western
Reserve University School of Medicine, shielding them only leaves them feeling like
they’re less able to cope. Show them it isn’t the end of the world. Acknowledge their
feelings, and stay calm.

12. Encourage optimism. 
A healthy, positive, can-do attitude is crucial to emotional well-being, says Dr. Seligman.
Positive children don’t see bad things as permanent. They believe they have the power to
change things for the better.

…Each of these posts are critical to a kids happiness. I hope all parents take note!






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