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Help Your Child Achieve True Happiness Pt. 3

Help Your Child Achieve True Happiness pt. 3

Keeping your children happy requires a lot of effort, but also the
ability to let your children develop from a full range of experiences.

Parents magazine sites many areas where parents and instructors can secure
lifetime happiness for their children:

7. Whenever we step in to fix or tidy up an imperfect job, we inadvertently
undermine their confidence. 

The perfect technique in class is more meaningful after years of experience and
maturity. When children practice at home, reward their commitment to their training
and refrain from making minor corrections that can undermine their confidence.

8. Every child has a special talent or skill; why not let him show off a bit? 
The important factor is not to allow their demonstration to be titled “look at how much
better he is than everyone else.” Give your children a chance to shine.

9. Accept your children for their talents and skills. 
The popularity of the martial arts is largely due to individuality of the training. Students
are allowed to progress at their own rate without the risk of endangering “the team.”
Don’t expect your children to become “Bruce Lee” overnight. It takes years of training
before anyone can be classified as an expert.


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