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How Discipline is Built, Part 1!

How Discipline is Built, Part 1!!!

Well we talked a lot about confidence and that’s really critical to development, but just about equally – and just about as frequently requested at KarateBuilt Martial Arts – discipline is important.

We define discipline as “Doing What You’re Supposed to Do, When You’re Supposed to Do It!” When we train and when we discuss discipline we expect students to follow the rules, know what the rules are and do the right thing at the right time. It’s pretty simple to say but not always simple to do…

  • Sometimes you want to eat ice cream…
  • Sometimes you forget to do something…
  • Sometimes you make a mistake…
  • Sometimes you just don’t want to do the hard work!

The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people isn’t that the successful people are perfect… it’s that the successful people make the right decisions more often!

Step 1 to building discipline is being in an environment that expects discipline.

In the Marines, they expect everything down to how to tie your shoes is exactly the same. You get up at the same time, you eat at the same time, you go to bed at the same time, you make your bed the same way… everything!

Have you met someone retired from 20 years in the Marines? Are they disciplined? I am sure there are exceptions but in general they are the most disciplined people you’ll meet in ALL AREAS OF THEIR LIFE… and this all comes about from the early expectation in boot camp that they have high expectations for “Doing What You’re Supposed to Do, When You’re Supposed to Do It!”

I’m not saying that KarateBuilt Martial Arts is like the Marines (I think we have a lot more fun), I am saying that we do have an environment that over time has high expectations of our Black Belts and we begin that work on day ONE when you walk in. If you want to build your own self-discipline that applies to every area of your life, call 866-311-1032 and start today!

MORE Results… their own words!


“Tyler was very shy when we first started & seemed to lack confidence. The Leadership Program has given him the confidence he needed. In addition to a second family, he doesn’t want to let his instructor down so he always strives to do great things & make good choices. As our children get older, pressures do come up but if you surround yourself with love & positive role models, I think this will only help mold these futures. The Leadership Program has changed our lives & I can’t imagine life without it.” – Laurie Weaver







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