Bullying Podcast Transcript Part 2

KarateBuilt Podcast Transcript – Bullying Prevention Part 2-A

Transcript of Bullying Prevention Part 2-Section A… Myths Truths and What to Do! At KarateBuilt Martial Arts, Sr. Master Sanborn and I are constantly working towards building programs for children’s safety. Here is a written portion of the transcript of their discussion on bullying… Sincerely,       Ch. Master Greg Moody, Ph.D. The Podcast: […]

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Vision and Goals


Download the Complete Handout for Parents by Clicking HERE How To Set REAL Goals And Have A Vision For Your Child… 10x-100x More Results! We know from research that 10 to 100 times more results / accomplishments and successes are achieved when goal setting is part of a person’s life. So Why Doesn’t Everybody Do […]

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Time Management Laura Vanderkam

Time is something everybody wants more of…

I really like this video by Laura Vanderkam… She summarizes not really how to MANAGE time but how to understand the relationship you have with time! I recommend everybody watch this video – students, parents, business owners I work with and anybody in this busy world. I hear a lot “if you only understood how busy […]

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Eric Thomas Blindfolded Jump Break Boards

On Ch. Master Nominee Eric Thomas…

I wanted to wait until after the holidays (and election) and also until after his super-amazing daughter tested for her 1st degree Black Belt to write this so… delayed… A note on our top instructor Chief Master Nominee (CMN) Eric Thomas… He’s recently been awarded the rank of 8th Degree Black Belt… CMN Thomas has […]

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