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Building Weakness Into Strength…

OK, this Karate Black Belt Essay… from Curtis (he’s supposed to include his last name:) was really cute BUT it also really told the story of what Karate means at KarateBuilt Martial Arts…

This is what karate has meant to me.  It feels like you’re building your weakness into strengths.  It makes you tell the truth and have control of your actions.

Thanks Curtis! I don’t know if I could have said it better in two sentences:

It feels like you’re building your weakness into strengths: You hit the “nail on the head” – turning weakness into strength in every area of life is exactly why someone needs to do martial arts. Many people start because they feel less confident or poorly disciplined or unfit or are worried about their safety and leave (at Black Belt) confident, strong, fit, feeling great about themselves and with an incredible skillset on how to protect themselves. EXACTLY RIGHT CURTIS!!

It makes you tell the truth and have control of your actions: Besides feeling great and actually becoming great, martial artists at KarateBuilt Martial Arts are held to a higher standard – not just in the karate academy (school) but in the rest of their lives. Honesty, respect, communication, discipline, self-esteem and vision are the primary building blocks of a Black Belt!

Thanks again Curtis – your essay was short and perfect!






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