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Being a Black Belt Means a Lot To Me!

Another Black Belt essay! From Mr. Daniel Sprenkle

Karate means a lot to me.  The reason is because you know how to react when being attacked.  It’s helped me physically and emotionally.  I still have problems every once in a while.  But I have always wanted to be a black belt.

Being a black belt means a lot to me.  The reason is that you learn things that you wouldn’t learn anywhere else.  But making a mistake is better than not doing it at all.  That’s what karate means to me.

Something you said there is really important – “you learn things that you wouldn’t learn anywhere else” – and unfortunately that’s very true. In the “olden days” like when I went to school (that’s dating me I know) the teachers spent time on many things other than “numbers on a standardized test” and not they have to be so concerned about scores that some of the other kinds of – just as important – skills that kids should learn are left by the “wayside” like respect, discipline and honesty.

It’s not to say in any way that I believe for a second that teachers and school administrators are not doing their very best and are incredible people (who are way underpaid and way under-respected in my opinion). It’s just that they have a REALLY tough job to do and that’s why Karate at KarateBuilt martial arts complements what they do so well.

Thanks for a Great Essay Mr. Sprenkle!!





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