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Better Grades for Kids, Better Life for Adults Part 4!

Better Grades for Kids, Better Life for Adults Part 4!!

OK the last step towards confidence… well it really isn’t the last step because as we teach at KarateBuilt Martial Arts building self-esteem – real self-esteem is a lifelong process. This is because we can always keep moving towards making self-esteem better and building more confidence.

We mentioned Maslow’s Hierarchy – when a person has their primary needs met, they can think and focus on higher level needs and goals. Maslow referred to the highest level as “self-actualization”. I like to think of this as having a purpose.Setting a Goal So Big!

So part of what we want to achieve is the confidence – through building skills and abilities – to meet all our needs and then build higher and higher expectations for ourselves.

Now a quick note for parents who are reading this, it’s even more important that YOU set these goals for your child. If your child is asked (like some parent do) to set goals, well, frankly their goals may be to play video games or to eat ice cream… it will certainly never be to develop discipline or build self-confidence. It will rarely be to become fit or safe. In fact the less disciplined your kids are, the lower their self confidence, the weaker their fitness.. the MORE resistant they will be to fixing these problems. As parents it’s up to us (unfortunately) to set goals – and BIG, difficult goals – for our kids.

People who have met their needs on the lower areas (in Maslow’s model) but don’t reach for higher goals tend to get depressed and unhappy. Research (Lyman & Luthar, 2014) has shown that kids in upper income households have much higher rates of depression and anxiety!

At KarateBuilt Martial Arts, students always have goals and higher levels to achieve – both in and out of the academy. That even includes me and the instructors! We are working on our next level of rank and our next level of instructor training.

MORE Results… their own words!


“Great way to build self confidence.” – Jade Symanowski

“Ever since my son, Billy, joined Karate for Kids, I have seen a rise in his confidence and self-esteem, along with his coordination. We are especially happy with the Leadership Program. Billy has learned how to defend himself against a bully, an attacker, a gun or a knife. He has learned how to be a leader. Thank You!” – Carol Sarsay







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