It finally happened to me! Or actually to my kid… So quick story… I am getting ready to teach one of my quarterly “Master Training Seminars” at the Cave Creek Campus KarateBuilt school today and this time of year we call “Black Belt Goal Setting Season” so, in the kids class, the parents of the […]
As we get older we seem to lose the edge we used to have, be it in speed, focus and sometimes even memory. Seniors can be more active as compared to their juniors if health permits. In fact, many seniors have reported that the sole thing holding them back is physical discomfort. This is where martial arts […]
Family Karate Photo
Another Black Belt Story! From Kori Fine… My understanding of karate has changed from before I started, during the training, and now that I am so near achieving Black Belt.  When I started, I was not planning on being a part of the action.  I wanted something that would teach the kids discipline, self-control and […]
Ali - Training Matters!
How Discipline is Built, Part 1!!! Well we talked a lot about confidence and that’s really critical to development, but just about equally – and just about as frequently requested at KarateBuilt Martial Arts – discipline is important. We define discipline as “Doing What You’re Supposed to Do, When You’re Supposed to Do It!” When we train and when […]