A Strong Positive Self Image is the Best Preparation for Success

Better Grades for Kids, Better Life for Adults Part 3!! You should have learned the first 2 steps towards confidence building (and therefore better grades) in the last emails. The next part is building mental skills and capability. When you have mental capability you feel more confident because you can process more… you can focus […]

Don't wish it was easier...

Another Black Belt essay! OK – this one was really short (but they were in 2nd grade) from Derek DeVries… I have been able to focus better at school.  I made the honor roll this quarter.  I am increasing my skills.  I feel better about myself because I can do more things now Thanks for […]

Black Belt Is White Belt Who Never Quit

Better Grades for Kids, Better Life for Adults Part 2!! So last time we discussed critical initial confidence building. That safety and feeling like you can handle yourself is the first part to building confidence and self-esteem (and therefore builds better grades… The next part is building physical skills. You don’t have to be Bruce […]

Martial arts has a host of benefits that go beyond simply being better prepared to defend yourself (though that does remain an important part of why it is great to learn a martial art style.) Let’s explore the mental benefits that are enjoyed by those who have begun practicing a form of their choice. It […]