Confident Kid

Some Real Truth about Self-Esteem…

So as one of out students’ parents said to us recently: “Ibu has increased in self-confidence, especially when pursuing goals” Tina Brooks If you got to watch the Self-Esteem Success Training Part I or Self-Esteem Success Training Part II  there are a lot of misconceptions about developing self-esteem.  Some of these misconceptions can really damage our kids’ confidence! One […]

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Self-Esteem Success Training Part 1

Life Success With Dr. Greg Moody – Self-Esteem Part 1

Self-Esteem is a foundation of so much of our life. High self-esteem relates to school success (relates directly to grades)… better relationships to people at work as adults… and more! Unfortunately the myths and incorrect views on self esteem are hurting self-esteem and confidence in all walks of life. When depression and other mental health […]

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Time to Learn

Benefits and Issues with Online Learning…

School has been turned upside down lately… KarateBuilt Martial Arts offers amazing virtual classes as well as CDC compliant (exceeding all White House rules) in-person classes and a lot of parents ask us about how effective the learning situation will be for the upcoming school year for their kid’s academic school… I thought I’d share a […]

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Bullying Prevention - upset boy

Karate and Bullying…

Karate and Bullying… I haven’t shared here yet – it’s my doctoral dissertation on bullying prevention.  Here is the technical summary: Bullying impacts as many as one in three children (or more in some studies). The impact of bullying on children is similar to other forms of abuse like sexual abuse or physical abuse, far-reaching, and […]

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