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The reason I joined karate… and why a “Progress Check” is so important!

I wanted to re-publish the Black Belt essay from Mr. Jibran Jessani… explains why he started Karate…in his unedited Karate Black Belt Essay

The reason I joined karate is because I needed to learn self-defense.  I thought it would be cool to get my black belt.  I knew it is going to take a lot of time to achieve my black belt.  On my first day of karate I really had no idea of what I was supposed to do.  But Mr. Kreskow and Mrs. Mckersie were a very great help.

On the day I got my orange belt I knew I was that much closer to getting my black belt.  Another thing that I thought was cool was breaking wooden boards.  My first try it hurt my hand trying to hit it.  Any way what karate does for you is helps you with self-defense, forms, to be loud, to be very strong and what to do is you see a gun.  There is a couple things you need to be a leader.  I will name a few of them you need to be loud, strong, confident and smart.  I have gotten a lot of help from my teachers.  My favorite weapon is songnots because I think they look the best, especially the sharp ones.  I also like the design on them dragons my favorite animal.  My favorite form would be songahm 4 because it has my favorite move jump front kick.

The thing I like the best in karate is the Life Skill because you learn from it do it and most important use it.  I never knew as a white belt that there is more than one balck belt like 2nd Degrees and 3rd Degrees 4th Degrees and so on.  What inspired me to be in Taekwondo is my parents told me I need to learn this just in case someone does something to me.  I needed one more talent when I was young so I joined Taekwondo.  I want to keep going and be a master like Master Moody.  I also want to learn ground wrestling.

It looked fun yesterday at my sister’s graduation.  One thing I don’t understand about Karate is the colors.  I like to free spar with other people like when one person hits then I hit back.  I really am wondering who the Grand Master of the world is but for now I am guessing Grand Master Lee.

It has taken so long for this day to arrive.  I am going to try my hardest today to achieve my Black Belt.  I can’t wait to get my Black Belt today.  I will break my wooden boards.  I will spar like I have never done before.  I will have the loudest yells.  The strongest power and most of all having a Black Belt Attitude.  I will beat my fit test no matter how tired I get.  I can be sweating water all over my body and I still won’t give up.  I can’t wait to get that Black Belt in my hands and around my waist.  I am going to keep this Black Belt in a special case.

Thank you to all the teachers who taught me.

Thanks for a Great Essay!!

He joined because he thought it would be cool (it IS) but the more important things are the life skills you get out of it!

That’s what we find most of the time – a parent or a child wants to join for a reason like “fun” or “cool” and the reason they stay and what they realize when they are a black belt is vastly different.

We want to encourage all students and families to really consider the long term future of what we can create in martial arts. If you do, you will get a lot more out of your training and have some of these benefits too.

We do this at something called a “progress check” or “training conference”… this is designed to help us work with each student or family and plan for future goals at KarateBuilt martial arts!






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