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How to Learn the Fundamentals of Leadership at KarateBuilt Martial Arts – Part 2 

How to Learn the Fundamentals of Leadership at KarateBuilt Martial Arts – Part 2!

Last time, we talked about how important it is to surround your child with a group of positive role models and mentors.

That’s one of the fundamentals of Leadership…

However, it’s important to remembers that role models and mentors are not the same.

A role model can be anyone who influences another person to act or behave in ways similar to themselves. They can be someone you know or someone
you have never met.

The similar characteristic between role models is that they are looked up to by the people who follow them. This is why many children choose sports heroes
as role models.

They would love to be like Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, or John Elway.

I wonder how many children do the “Sammy Sosa jump” after they hit a baseball, or stick their tongue out when attempting to slam dunk a basketball like Michael Jordan?

But sports heroes are not the only type of role model that can impact a person’s life.

Peers, teachers, and parents have an opportunity to make the strongest impact on us. And because a role model’s influence can be either good or bad, who we choose to emulate will ultimately determine the person we become.

Children are the most impressionable because they are looking to define themselves.

They are at the time in their lives when selecting a positive role model is crucial.

However, in a recent survey that asked children if they had a role model, 43% said they did not.

It’s so important not to leave your child’s role models “to chance” but rather to choose an environment that will be a place for your child to develop positive character traits, and to be exposed to positive values consistently.






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