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Dr. Greg Moody’s Book is The #1 New Release On Amazon Today…

We’re excited to announce that Parent Action Plan – ADHD is the #1 New Release on Amazon Today!

It’s in the category of “Special Education eBooks on Developmental & Intellectual Disabilities”

The KarateBuilt team is excited to announce that our Senior Chief Instructor: Dr. Greg Moody’s book was noted as the #1 New Release in the category of “Special Education eBooks on Developmental & Intellectual Disabilities” today! That’s quite an honor and very exciting!

You can see more of the Parent Action Plan Series (including books on autism, better grades, and more to come) by Clicking HERE!

The Parent Action Plan Series of books from Dr. Greg Moody, Chief Master Instructor are for parents (and teachers and other professionals who work with kids) to get introductions to important topics for their kids like ADHD, autism, sports performance, academic performance, and more.

Each book takes a look at one need, skill, or talent and “wraps that around” performance skills such as discipline, respect, vision, honesty, etc. from over 3 decades of Master Moody’s work in education, business, and of course on the mat.

These are not designed to replace professional diagnosis or training, but to provide an introduction to caregivers about some incredibly important topics so they can take the next steps to success!

This is part of the ongoing work at KarateBuilt Martial Arts that Chief Master Moody does with all of the instructors and we are excited to develop more support for our students and parents in the future.

The KarateBuilt Team!

P.S. Here is a description of the book:

Don’t Panic! Kids are often hyper, kids often don’t pay attention. A lot of the time it’s not a big deal!

However… you are reading this Parent Action Plan so you are probably thinking that your child is a bit different and you may want help or more information on kids who are impulsive, hyperactive or just don’t pay attention.

I’m sure like most parents you have heard about the childhood issues called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and you may be concerned about whether your child “has this” and / or what you should do if they do. We’re going to cover two things:

1) Some things you should watch out for that will help your child

2) Some things to do for ALL kids to help with discipline and achievement at home and school

Let’s get started!