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Martial Arts Books by Dr. Greg Moody, Chief Master Instructor, From the KarateBuilt Staff

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Unleashing Your Inner Leader: Exploring Greg Moody’s Transformative Books on Martial Arts and Personal Development

In the world of karate and personal development, Greg Moody stands out as an influential figure whose books have inspired and empowered countless individuals. With his extensive expertise in martial arts and leadership, Moody has authored a collection of transformative books that provide invaluable insights on success, discipline, leadership, and life. In this, we will delve into Greg Moody’s life-changing books, exploring their wisdom and how they can elevate your martial arts journey.

1. “Stories of The Black Belts…: Vol. I: Lessons in Success, Excellence, Discipline, Leadership and Life!”

Dive into a captivating collection of stories from black belt achievers in “Stories of The Black Belts…: Vol. I.” This book unveils the inspiring life lessons learned by martial artists, highlighting the values of success, excellence, discipline, leadership, and life. Explore the Amazon link to embark on a transformative journey.

2. “Stories of the Black Belts, Volume II: More Lessons in Success, Excellence, Discipline, Leadership and Life!”

Building upon the success of the first volume, “Stories of the Black Belts, Volume II” offers a fresh collection of empowering stories from black belt achievers. Delve deeper into the valuable lessons in success, excellence, discipline, leadership, and life shared by martial arts practitioners. Amazon link to uncover further inspiration.

3. “Basic Curriculum”

For aspiring martial artists and instructors, “Basic Curriculum” serves as a comprehensive guide. This book focuses on foundational techniques and training, offering valuable insights for practitioners at all levels. Enhance your martial arts journey by exploring the Amazon link for a deeper understanding.

4. “Master Club Curriculum”

Geared towards those dedicated to mastering martial arts, “Master Club Curriculum” provides advanced training and techniques. Elevate your skills and deepen your martial arts knowledge with this invaluable resource. Visit the Amazon link to embark on a transformative martial arts journey.

5. “The Business of Becoming An Author: The Rev Roadmap Author Start-Up Kit”

Beyond martial arts, Greg Moody shares his expertise on becoming an author in “The Business of Becoming An Author.” This comprehensive guide offers valuable insights and practical advice on navigating the publishing industry. Discover the Amazon link to unleash your writing potential.

6. “Deciding How To Decide: Make the Right Decisions For Personal and Business Success”

Making sound decisions is essential for personal and professional success. “Deciding How To Decide” explores the art of decision-making, providing effective strategies to make informed choices. Uncover invaluable insights on Amazon by clicking and unlock your decision-making potential.

7. “The Life Skills of Leaders: Leadership Isn’t A Thing You Do… It’s Skills You Develop!”

At the core of Greg Moody’s philosophy lies the understanding that leadership is a skill to be developed. “The Life Skills of Leaders” guides readers on a transformative journey of personal growth and leadership development. Unleash your leadership potential by visiting the Amazon link and embark on a path of extraordinary success.

8. Parent Action Plan – ADHD!: Hyperactivity, Inattention, ADHD, and Discipline!

This book provides valuable guidance for parents dealing with ADHD in children, addressing hyperactivity, inattention, and effective discipline strategies. Amazon link

The Life Skills Of Leaders: Special Edition (Book Series)

9. Self-Esteem

This book explores the development of self-esteem, an essential life skill, providing insights and practical guidance to build a positive self-image. Amazon link

10. Honesty

In this book, Dr. Moody emphasizes the importance of honesty and integrity, offering valuable lessons on living truthfully. Amazon link

11. Communication

Effective communication is a vital skill, and this book guides readers in developing clear and assertive communication abilities. Amazon link

12. Vision

Fostering a vision-driven mindset, this book helps individuals set goals, gain clarity, and pursue their objectives with determination. Amazon link

13. Discipline

Discipline is fundamental to success, and this book explores its role in martial arts and life, offering strategies for developing self-control. Amazon link

14. Respect

This book emphasizes the value of respect in martial arts and personal interactions, promoting empathy and understanding. Amazon link


Greg Moody’s collection of books on martial arts and personal development serves as a beacon of inspiration and guidance for individuals seeking to unleash their inner leader. Through his insightful writings, Moody emphasizes the importance of success, discipline, leadership, and life skills in martial arts and beyond.

Whether you’re a martial arts practitioner looking to enhance your skills, an aspiring author navigating the publishing world, or someone seeking personal growth and effective decision-making strategies, Moody’s books offer invaluable wisdom and practical advice.

Embrace the opportunity to explore Greg Moody’s transformative books, and embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and leadership development. By applying the lessons learned from these insightful works, you can unlock your true potential and become the martial artist and leader you aspire to be.

Remember, leadership isn’t just a title or a position—it’s a set of skills that can be cultivated and refined. Allow Greg Moody’s books to be your guide as you embark on a path of growth, resilience, and personal transformation in the world of martial arts and beyond.

Choose your favorite book from Greg Moody’s collection, dive into its pages, and let the journey begin.

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