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Adult Martial Arts for Physical Fitness

Martial arts are a great all-round fitness aid. Besides the obvious advantage of feeling more secure being able to defend yourself and others, martial arts for adults also help you feel more in control of your body, mind, goals, and destiny.

Improve endurance

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and kickboxing are expecially good styles for building stamina and resiliency because of their high cardio factor. Condition your body with regular workouts and don’t skip training. Martial arts training plus drills like sprinting stairs, shadow boxing, or skipping rope work wonders in tandem. Just remember, once you get the green light from your doctor, build up slowly to start a routine you’ll stick with and earn results.

The actual moves of many martial art styles may not be highly aerobic activities. But your training will definitely involve a fair bit of aerobic exercise. Warming up is the first thing most trainers will make you do even with milder, low-impact styles.

Build core strength

Learning to get and keep control of your body mass in motion is crucial to performing most martial arts. The ability to alternately restrain it and load and unleash it is a requirement to deliver precision strikes, blocks, kicks, jumps, and grips. Martial arts training develops this vital core strength.

Stretch yourself

A lot of moves hinge on the flexibility you have. Over time, your waist, neck, legs, knees, ankles, toes, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, and fingers will become stronger with increased range of motion, speed, and power. Stretching and controlling your breathing become deeper and easier with practice.

The heart of the matter

Heart disease is a one of the leading causes of death in adults and has been for decades. You can improve the health of your cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, immune, nervous, and other vital systems with an enjoyable martial arts routine. Getting in a fun, intense workout makes your heart work harder and get stronger – while relieving stress and relaxing you afterward. It also helps lower blood pressure and helps keep cholesterol at healthy levels.

Power up your body

Improved muscle tone and higher muscle mass increases metabolic demands on your body. This means you will burn more calories every day doing the same things you do normally. Martial arts have a tremendous impact on muscle tone and can prevent obesity and aid weight loss. This regular exercise also helps strengthen your bones and reduces chances of developing

Cut the stress

A great looking body is not worth much if you’re all wired on the inside! Martial arts can be a great de-stressor. Floor, bag, and partner drills, free sparring, and the shouts of some forms like Karate can help you let go of pent up tensions and frustrations like nothing else. And with a fit mind, your body will soon follow suit.

Full body workout

A high quality martial arts program is a great way to enhance your fitness levels of mind, body, and spirit. Consistent training will deliver a multitude of unique benefits to your self-confidence and outlook, not to mention the total body workouts that expand your capabilities and improve your physical health for a better life.