Great Black Belt
Another Black Belt Story! From Ms. Meaghan Geiger… Karate has taught me how to defend myself from bad people, guns, chokes, and many more things.  I have made new friends in karate.  I have learned discipline, vision, honesty, communication, self-esteem, and respect. Some of my favorite moves are the butterfly kick, jump front kick, upper cut, […]
Strength Comes From Overcoming
How Discipline is Built, Part 3!!! Part 3 – but not the last part – of building discipline – is to see results… Maybe that one sounds too simple too… It’s important as you do something you can tell it works – you can feel or notice it working. Example… Lets say you’re trying to […]
Don't wish it was easier...
How Discipline is Built, Part 2!!! Part 2 of building discipline – after being in an environment that expects discipline is doing at least ONE thing… That seems too simple… doesn’t it? What I mean is – to start – you need to make sure you DO one thing on a regular basis – in […]
Instructors with a great group of kids!
Another unedited Black Belt Story! From Mr. Matthew Majkowski… Taekwondo has meant a lot to me.  It is a life changing experience is changes you in means of discipline, respect, self-esteem, and honesty.  When I first joined taekwondo I thought I would just go in learn how to defend myself and have some fun.  But when […]