Black Belt Vision!
Another Black Belt Story! From Mr. Evan Condon… The most important thing about Tae Kwon Do for me is the discipline that it taught me.  I became a better listener and I became better at taking care of myself and my family.  I showed my friends and teachers in the Master Club Classes, that I […]
Seek Respect
I wanted to share a little more about Respect… We already talked about the first 2 parts of respect – within yourself and with your family… now it’s important to consider… Respect for The World… Respect for the world in this context is not promoting an environmental agenda (though I have nothing against this) it’s […]
Gavin Arian Akhbari
Another Black Belt Story! From Mr. Gavin Arian Akhbari… Hello.  My name is Gavin Arian Akhbari.  Becoming a 2nd degree Black Belt is going to be so exciting.  Karate is a fun place.  It helps you become stronger and be better at sports.  Every time I go there I learn a lot.  My favorite class […]
Learning to Pay Attention!
Another Black Belt Story! From Mr. Oswaldo Gayoso… I like karate very much.  Karate is fun.  I learned how to kick. I learned how to punch. I learned how to pay attention. I know this one was short and sweet but it was great! Imagine a 6 year old understanding the concept of learning how to […]