“The Karate for Kids Program has something for every member of the family. My oldest has been training for 6 years and is developing real leadership skills. His younger brother and sister are learning how to listen, pay attention and follow directions!”

Barrie and Mike Petty - Scottsdale, AZ

"I have been doing this for years and it never gets old! We always work out hard and it stays interesting because you are learning at the same time!"

Laura Sanborn Chandler, AZ

 “The values we stress at home are reinforced at Karate. Karate has helped Danielle appreciate that hard work yields excellent results. Danielle has a deeper understanding of self-control, honor, dignity and self-discipline. She has great self-confidence, knowing she can accomplish anything she sets her sights on!”

LauraLee Gaudio, Mother of Danielle - Scottsdale, AZ

"I've been working out my whole life... and now I get to kick butt while doing it! Seriously, this is the most complete workout I have ever done!"

Brian Smith

 “My whole family has grown and strengthened through our practice of Taekwondo. I use the life skills all the time with my kids. They are a great reminder of our family’s own values!” - 

Beth Grula, Mother of Adam & Meredith - Chandler, AZ

"My son started Karate at age 5. He is now a Black Belt at age 7. He was recently diagnosed with a developmental coordination disorder that affects his gross and fine motor skills. His medical provider attributed his Karate training as contributing to his ability to compensate and has been therapeutic!"

Ms. Pate-Lamb, - Chandler, AZ

"ATA has been an inspiring and fulfilling experience for my son, and the emphasis on developing positive life skills has fostered confidence and self-esteem!"

Jeffrey Tang

"Our children have been involved with Karate for Kids for several years now. Their martial arts experiences have influenced every area of their lives from academic achievement to social skills, physical fitness and self-esteem. We consider it a privilege to be part of the ATA family."

Cindi and Clark Mitchell - Chandler, AZ

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