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Preschool Karate

Improve motor skills, memory, social skills, and more, in a fun, safe, and stress-free environment

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Karate For Kids

Students learn respect, self-discipline, self-control, and the ability to safely defend themselves when needed

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Karate For Teens & Adults

Development of skills that help in managing conflicts, and reducing stresses that occur in daily life

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What Price for a Child’s Safety?

What price can one put on their child’s safety and well being? It has been wonderful to watch as our daughter is instructed in the Continue Reading

Mary W. February 4, 2015

Increased Reflexes and Balance

The increases I have noticed from my eight year old son are amazing. He is faster, has better reflexes and is no longer clumsy because Continue Reading

Jerry G. February 4, 2015

Martial arts are not just for kids

After working my desk job for eighteen years, I managed to put on some extra pounds. A friend of mine suggested that I start taking Continue Reading

Steven S. February 4, 2015

Extremely rewarding!

My son James loves the helpful instructors as he has worked his way from a white belt up to now being a green belt! Now Continue Reading

Jane M. February 4, 2015

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Message from School Owner Sr. Master Greg Moody

KarateBuilt™ Martial Arts Academies were founded by Sr. Master Greg Moody – recognized across the country as one of the nation’s number one martial arts instructors. He has a Ph.D. in education and is dedicated to making our martial arts state-of-the-art so every student can maximize their potential in everything they do.

Sr. Master Moody was recognized by the American Taekwondo Association (the largest single style martial arts organization in the world) as the Instructor of the Year. In addition, he was awarded for developing a special curriculum for pre-school age kids called Tiny Tigers. He is also the nation’s foremost researcher in martial arts benefits in conjunction with Arizona State University.

KarateBuilt™ Academies have been selected the Nation’s Number One Schools for eight years in a row – no school has ever earned that honor more.

Reason to Enroll #1: The Instructors!

For our kid students: Most parents who choose an activity aren’t even aware that most kids activities can damage kids self-esteem, are taught by part-time people or parent volunteers, and don’t really teach anything beyond physical activity. We always offer a full-time professional staff, classes 6 days a week, and a curriculum that is based on making the individual succeed all while learning life skills like respect, discipline and communication.

For our adult students: Adults have a wide variety of goals when they start here. Some want to lose weight, some want to get in incredible shape, some want to learn self-defense and others want all of it! The instructors at KarateBuilt™ Martial Arts work with you individually so that each of these goals can be met. The requirements for instructor certification are 10 times more stringent than what a personal trainer at the gym has to endure so our staff can get you where you want to go!

Reason to Enroll #2: It’s Easy – and FREE – To Get Started!

If you are like most people, considering a martial arts program is a completely new idea. Sure, you may have seen a lot of Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee movies, but to actually DO IT? That’s why offer free information on getting started and you can even get a starting package of classes for free right here on the website – just fill out the form on this page! You’re going to discover it’s a safe and fun environment that will build confidence, develop discipline, get you (or your kid) fit and safe… however, frankly you need to do it to find out!

Best Achievement Ever

The BEST Achievement Ever! Balance, Strength and Stamina All Improved!

OK, this Karate Black Belt Essay… from Mr. Jacob Siegel is worth a full read… Becoming a black belt will be the best achievement ever.  ATA and KarateBuilt Martial Arts makes me feel more confident in achieving my goals.  I appreciate their great support, life skills, and how they treat everyone with respect.  The second I […]

Confident Board Break

Make Commitment a Habit Part 3…

Make Commitment a Habit Through the KarateBuilt Martial Arts Program – Part 3! Last time we discussed the 3 types of “responses” to challenge, or goal attainment. Retractive, Passive, and Proactive.  Obviously our goal is to create “Proactive” habits in children, and teach children to maximize this skill in attaining their goals! Proactive people realize […]

Strength into Weakness

Building Weakness Into Strength…

OK, this Karate Black Belt Essay… from Curtis (he’s supposed to include his last name:) was really cute BUT it also really told the story of what Karate means at KarateBuilt Martial Arts… This is what karate has meant to me.  It feels like you’re building your weakness into strengths.  It makes you tell the […]

Commitment and Respect Leads To Black Belt

Make Commitment a Habit Part 2…

Make Commitment a Habit Through the KarateBuilt Martial Arts Program – Part 2! Last time we discussed how important it is to, not only set goals but to be commited to its attainment! But what about when we hit the fist “bump in the road” along the way?  There are several ways to respond to challenges. […]