Black Belt Karate Instructor

An Amazing Family Karate Black Belt!

I wanted to share this! I love this BLACK BELT STORY from Mr. Leonard Means (now he’s a 4th degree Black Belt) – both of his kids are Black Belts and he’s been a nationally certified instructor for 5 years: Taekwondo holds a special place in me.  It is an activity I share with my daughter and […]

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Karate vs. a Hobby…

“There’s a HUGE difference between our KarateBuilt Martial Arts Karate Lessons and the “typical” Sport, Hobby, or “activity” !” You know, I think it’s important that you take a moment to consider the HUGE difference between Karate at KarateBuilt Martial Arts and the “typical” Sport, Hobby, or “activity” Our PROVEN program builds REAL LIFE SKILLS, Powerful Success Skills, and teaches the […]

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karate for kid black belt

Another BLACK BELT Story!

Another BLACK BELT STORY… karate lessons started for this kid and he couldn’t wait to get his Black Belt around his waist! Jibran Jessani: The reason I joined karate is because I needed to learn self-defense.  I thought it would be cool to get my black belt.  I knew it is going to take a lot of time to […]

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Story From A Black Belt Mom!

Another story from a few years ago from another of our amazing students… this one from a mom who achieved her black belt herself! Roberta Greenberg: My son, Ari, started taking classes in Feb. of 2008.  I would sit in the gallery watching and thinking that it looked fun and also away to get a workout.  […]

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