The Honor Roll!

This short Karate BLACK BELT STORY from Mr. Derek DeVries – is about the honor roll (in 2nd grade!)… I have been able to focus better at school.  I made the honor roll this quarter.  I am increasing my skills.  I feel better about myself because I can do more things now. Thanks Mr. DeVries! We […]

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Scott Bennett Black Belt Essay

Karate Means Respect… Cool… and MORE Cool…

Another Karate BLACK BELT STORY from Mr. Scott Bennett – this was fun… Karate means several things to me.  One of these things is respect.  Karate has really helped me with my respect outside of karate class.  It also helps me with some other life-skills: self-esteem, honesty, vision, discipline, and communication.  Self-esteem helps me so […]

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Az Republic Op Ed Piece on Bullying

Bullying and How Karate Stops It!

Reprint of Sr. Master Greg Moody’s Op Ed Piece in the Arizona Republic Newspaper… “Martial Arts is a Solution to Bullying!” Bullying impacts as many as one in three children. Bullying isn’t just “kids being kids” but is a form of torture that can have the same long-lasting effect on kids as sexual and physical […]

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Karate Lesson Bo Staff Jahng Bong

Focus on the Whole Person….

“The KarateBuilt Martial Arts program focuses on the “Whole Person”! In today’s “instant gratification” society, it’s important that we and our children learn the value of making a commitment (to others and themselves) AND learn the skills to keep themselves motivated so they (and we) can actually achieve our goals instead of simply “giving up” and failing to grow personally or […]

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