Awesome Black Belt Girl

Make Commitment a Habit…

Make Commitment a Habit Through the KarateBuilt Martial Arts Program! Setting goals is an important part of achieving success in any area of your life, and is a MAJOR focus of our program at KarateBuilt Martial Arts. But it is your commitment to the goal that will determine your success or failure. Goals worth striving for […]

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Listening Position for Better Grades

Help Your Child Achieve True Happiness Pt. 4

“Help Your Child Achieve True Happiness pt. 4“ Keeping your children happy requires a lot of effort, but also the ability to let your children develop from a full range of experiences. Parents magazine sites many areas where parents and instructors can secure lifetime happiness for their children: 10. Encourage risk taking.  All kids have […]

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Karate Black Belt Punch

“…more confidence in myself…”

More unedited Karate Black Belt Essay… from Mr. Sammy Ramirez… When I signed up for Taekwondo it was because my brother and I would get picked on a lot.  My mom took us to try out for the classes and we liked it and thought it was fun.  It has helped me gain more confidence in […]

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