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Grades and Self-Discipline…

The third thing your child needs to get ready for school is SELF-DISCIPLINE… Last time we talked about how confidence results in better grades and confidence is exactly what KarateBuilt Martial Arts does, but one of the reasons out students get exception grades is discipline… specifically learning SELF-Discipline… …Self-Discipline Leads to FOCUS! Here is what a parent like you […]

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A Plus Grades

Confidence Building Better Grades Is Research-Based

Research-Based results prove confidence helps grades… This is commonly thought of – that confidence improves grades but this is truly backed by research…  Here is the article – click HERE. Sincerely,       Ch. Master Nominee Greg Moody, Ph.D. and KarateBuilt Martial Arts have been selected the nation’s #1 martial arts schools for […]

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Thoughts on Graduation in July

Some thoughts on Karate Graduations…

I love graduation! Graduation is my favorite time of the year – and we get to do it 6 times each year! It’s where we get to see the students show off and take another step towards their next rank of Black Belt. But to understand how it matters for the instructors and me, we also […]

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Ali - Training Matters!

How Discipline is Built, Part 1!

How Discipline is Built, Part 1!!! Well we talked a lot about confidence and that’s really critical to development, but just about equally – and just about as frequently requested at KarateBuilt Martial Arts – discipline is important. We define discipline as “Doing What You’re Supposed to Do, When You’re Supposed to Do It!” When we train and when […]

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