Karate Strong Kid

Help Your Child Achieve True Happiness Pt. 2

“Help Your Child Achieve True Happiness pt. 2“ Keeping your children happy requires a lot of effort, but also the ability to let your children develop from a full range of experiences. Parents magazine sites many areas where parents and instructors can secure lifetime happiness for their children: 4. Whenever your child makes progress towards […]

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Black Belt Essay

Started Karate at 4 Years Old…

Listen to another unedited Karate Black Belt Essay from Mr. Nicholas Williams… I started karate when I was four at the ATA Academy.  It has always been a pleasure to come to class and learn from the awesome instructors.  I have learned so much in my three years and two months. I especially want to thanks Mr. […]

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Karate for Life…

Sometimes young kids say the most meaningful things. Mr. Shubham Nipanikar (10 at the time) explained how Karate will stay with him his whole life!  Karate has meant a lot to me.  I have learned many things by going to karate classes. Important things that I have learned, is that you have to be strong, confident, […]

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Karate Kid With Sword

“I Was Rude And Disrespectful…”

Listen to this unedited Karate Black Belt Essay from Mr. Philip Hordesky … I started karate two years ago when I wasn’t healthy and I was rude and disrespectful.  But since joining karate I have become a healthy teen and a respectful person.  Karate taught me how to be a leader and how to be a better […]

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