Thinking About Respect… Part 1

Thinking about RESPECT… There are three levels of respect to consider during this time of year… We will discuss all three of them and how they relate to karate and martial arts training at KarateBuilt Martial Arts. The first… Respect for Yourself… If you Respect yourself, you would treat yourself well. Your body and your […]

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Strength Comes From Overcoming

How Discipline is Built, Part 3!!

How Discipline is Built, Part 3!!! Part 3 – but not the last part – of building discipline – is to see results… Maybe that one sounds too simple too… It’s important as you do something you can tell it works – you can feel or notice it working. Example… Lets say you’re trying to […]

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Don't wish it was easier...

How Discipline is Built, Part 2!!

How Discipline is Built, Part 2!!! Part 2 of building discipline – after being in an environment that expects discipline is doing at least ONE thing… That seems too simple… doesn’t it? What I mean is – to start – you need to make sure you DO one thing on a regular basis – in […]

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