Happy Karate Kid

Kids’ Happiness…

“As caring parents, we want our children to be happy…“ When they are upset, it can pull at our heart. When our children are feeling blue, having performed poorly when they tried so hard or just had a fight with a best friend, we often go out of our way to put a smile back […]

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Marcus Cox Black Belt

Marcus wants his friends to join…

When I read this BLACK BELT STORY from Marcus I laughed – he brought a TON of friends to karate with him! He just loved karate lessons so much he wanted more: I think karate for kids is a great place to learn karate.  I tell my friends and try to persuade them to join, but […]

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Awesome Martial Arts Girl

Building Mental Discipline…

“Building Mental Discipline at KarateBuilt Martial Arts is like no other activity, sport or academic endeavor!” Here are a few reasons why lots of smart families (just like you) have made the decision to participate in our program at KarateBuilt Martial Arts ! These are some of the benefits they’ve gained, and I thought you might like to hear […]

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