9 Block Kid

…Started at a Birthday Party Now He’s a Black Belt!

Mr. Cole Barber wants to be a Black Belt! Here is his Karate Black Belt Essay… Two years ago, I went to a birthday party at ATA.  I went in, not overly excited, and went out interested and curious about what I could accomplish by doing Taekwondo.  I had no idea, however, that one day; […]

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Best Achievement Ever

The BEST Achievement Ever! Balance, Strength and Stamina All Improved!

OK, this Karate Black Belt Essay… from Mr. Jacob Siegel is worth a full read… Becoming a black belt will be the best achievement ever.  ATA and KarateBuilt Martial Arts makes me feel more confident in achieving my goals.  I appreciate their great support, life skills, and how they treat everyone with respect.  The second I […]

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