Family Karate Photo

KarateBuilt Proof…

It’s been a few months after summer… I hope you had an incredible summer! Now that it’s getting cooler (ok well at least it’s getting nearer the time when it will eventually get cooler) you need to start planning for the fall… Actually I guess it’s officially fall, but it doesn’t feel like it… You […]

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Safety First

KarateBuilt Martial Arts Instructors…

We had just finished one of our 4 hour instructor trainings “Instructor Boot Camp” and incredibly… The instructors stayed late asking me questions about: Improving their skills with pre-school kids… Working on fitness requirements for themselves… Their next steps in the rigorous certification process… and more! I appreciated all that but GEEZ… Even I was […]

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Our Instructor’s Qualifications…

Our Instructors are the best qualified – in any activity – on the planet! I am sorry if that sounds outlandish to say but it is true! Before I explain, what I want to also do is let you know how poorly and sometimes dangerously trained – or background checked – some people are before […]

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Bullying Prevention

Bullying Prevention!

Bullying Prevention… I don’t use this venue to promote specific events here much but September 15th – for the whole community – inside and outside of the KarateBuilt Martial Arts school and in the cities, towns and communities all around – for all the families that live there, we have an event I need all […]

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Happy Labor Day

Labor Day isn’t just a day off…

I wanted to post about labor day… Most people take this as just a day off, but I was wondering how labor day started so I looked it up… It was in the late 1800s – labor disputes started because of bleak conditions and poor treatment of workers (12 or more hour workdays; hazardous work […]

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