Character Gives Respect
We already talked about the first 2 parts of respect – within yourself and with your family… now it’s important to consider… Respect for The World… Respect for the world in this context is not promoting an environmental agenda (though I have nothing against this) it’s considering how we fit into the rest of the […]
Respect for Family
I wanted to share a little more about Respect… We already talked about the first level of respect – within yourself… now it’s important to consider… (and this DOES relate to martial arts and Karate at KarateBuilt!) Respect for Family and Friends… Respect for others is not just treating them nice, but also allowing them […]
Thinking about RESPECT… There are three levels of respect to consider during this time of year… We will discuss all three of them and how they relate to karate and martial arts training at KarateBuilt Martial Arts. The first… Respect for Yourself… If you Respect yourself, you would treat yourself well. Your body and your […]
Great Black Belt
Another Black Belt Story! From Ms. Meaghan Geiger… Karate has taught me how to defend myself from bad people, guns, chokes, and many more things.  I have made new friends in karate.  I have learned discipline, vision, honesty, communication, self-esteem, and respect. Some of my favorite moves are the butterfly kick, jump front kick, upper cut, […]