It finally happened to me! Or actually to my kid… So quick story… I am getting ready to teach one of my quarterly “Master Training Seminars” at the Cave Creek Campus KarateBuilt school today and this time of year we call “Black Belt Goal Setting Season” so, in the kids class, the parents of the […]
Karate Black Belt Punch
More unedited Karate Black Belt Essay… from Mr. Sammy Ramirez… When I signed up for Taekwondo it was because my brother and I would get picked on a lot.  My mom took us to try out for the classes and we liked it and thought it was fun.  It has helped me gain more confidence in […]
Essay Dream Come True
Another unedited Karate Black Belt Essay from Mr. Jace Meierhofer… What karate has meant to me.  Karate is not just becoming a black belt.  It is about confidence.  When I put my Karate belt on I feel so proud of all the hard work that I’ve done.  I’ve made good friends.  My instructors show me how to […]
Black Belt Essay
Listen to another unedited Karate Black Belt Essay from Mr. Nicholas Williams… I started karate when I was four at the ATA Academy.  It has always been a pleasure to come to class and learn from the awesome instructors.  I have learned so much in my three years and two months. I especially want to thanks Mr. […]