Being a black belt means a lot to me.

Another Black Belt essay! From Mr. Daniel Sprenkle… Karate means a lot to me.  The reason is because you know how to react when being attacked.  It’s helped me physically and emotionally.  I still have problems every once in a while.  But I have always wanted to be a black belt. Being a black belt means […]

Madison Malthaner Karate Taught Me To Be A Leader

Another Black Belt essay! From Madison Malthaner… Karate has taught me how to be a good leader.  When I go to leadership class, I learn how to teach others, be confident and make others feel good by telling them what they did well. Karate has taught me how to be a better student at school, […]

Don't wish it was easier...

Another Black Belt essay! OK – this one was really short (but they were in 2nd grade) from Derek DeVries… I have been able to focus better at school.  I made the honor roll this quarter.  I am increasing my skills.  I feel better about myself because I can do more things now Thanks for […]

DOING the Impossible!

Another Black Belt essay! This time from Courtney Alexander… this explains what Karate has meant… Karate has done a lot for me! Karate has helped my self-confidence go up and help me get stronger.  I will tell you what karate has done for me. Karate has helped me not be shy around other people and […]