Another Great Essay from Mr. Jessani

I wanted to re-publish the Black Belt essay from Mr. Jibran Jessani… explains why he started Karate…in his unedited Karate Black Belt Essay… The reason I joined karate is because I needed to learn self-defense.  I thought it would be cool to get my black belt.  I knew it is going to take a lot of time […]

Celina Buckholtz

New Black Belt Ms. Celina Buckholtz explains what she’s learned…in her unedited Karate Black Belt Essay… Being in taekwondo has been very fulfilling!  I enjoy the classes, and don’t feel like I’m exercising because it is fun.  The technique we use can be applied right away and the lessons can be beneficial. Having been here for two […]

Safety Confidence and Leadership Essay

New Black Belt Mr. Reece Parfet explains what he’s learned…in his Karate Black Belt Essay… I began taking karate because my mom and dad wanted me to be in sports and karate.  Looked like fun to me.  Karate has taught me many things. It has taught me how to stay safe at home and away from […]

9 Block Kid

Mr. Cole Barber wants to be a Black Belt! Here is his Karate Black Belt Essay… Two years ago, I went to a birthday party at ATA.  I went in, not overly excited, and went out interested and curious about what I could accomplish by doing Taekwondo.  I had no idea, however, that one day; […]