Character Gives Respect
We already talked about the first 2 parts of respect – within yourself and with your family… now it’s important to consider… Respect for The World… Respect for the world in this context is not promoting an environmental agenda (though I have nothing against this) it’s considering how we fit into the rest of the […]
Being a black belt means a lot to me.
Another Black Belt essay! From Mr. Daniel Sprenkle… Karate means a lot to me.  The reason is because you know how to react when being attacked.  It’s helped me physically and emotionally.  I still have problems every once in a while.  But I have always wanted to be a black belt. Being a black belt means […]
Celina Buckholtz
New Black Belt Ms. Celina Buckholtz explains what she’s learned…in her unedited Karate Black Belt Essay… Being in taekwondo has been very fulfilling!  I enjoy the classes, and don’t feel like I’m exercising because it is fun.  The technique we use can be applied right away and the lessons can be beneficial. Having been here for two […]
Karate Black Belt Punch
More unedited Karate Black Belt Essay… from Mr. Sammy Ramirez… When I signed up for Taekwondo it was because my brother and I would get picked on a lot.  My mom took us to try out for the classes and we liked it and thought it was fun.  It has helped me gain more confidence in […]